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Screen repair

For a better customer experience, consider bringing your items into our repair shop. At PC HOUSE CALLS LLC, we’re invested in staying ahead of the competition, which means providing Award-Winning along with many other special services. Next time your items are in need of fixing, come to PC HOUSE CALLS LLC and feel the difference.


Remote Support

Online support is the latest in computer repair technology. The beauty of this service is that you do not have to take your machine to a physical shop. No unplugging, lifting or disturbing your set up. Many problems can be fixed in this fashion. Now you will be able to sit back in your easy chair while we do the work. The cost benefits will be tremendous compared to taking your machine to a physical shop


For Your Convenience

Virus Removal

Virus are nasty little things. Computers infected with viruses or malware pose a risk to your privacy and security. We’ll explore computer infection types, how to recognize infected systems and what measures you can take to recover from an infection and prevent network security threats in the future.


For Your Convenience

Computer Cleaning

Heat is your computer's worst enemy. Over time, dust buildup inside your computer could undermine its cooling efficiency, resulting in shorter life spans for your computer's components. To help keep your computer running cool, clean the inside of your computer every 6 to 12 months. Get in contact with us today.

For more information about additional benefits provided by PC HOUSE CALLS LLC, get in touch.

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