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All You Need to Know


How do you connect to my pc/computer over the Internet to fix it?

At PC HOUSE CALLS we use cutting edge technology that lets us send you an email, or you can go to a website where you can click on a link and be connected to our servers. We then can see your computer desktop as if you we were sitting with you at your home (minus you in your robe and slippers) We then troubleshoot whatever issue you may be having and let you know if we have a solution or not. Most importantly, you can see everything we are doing to your computer as if we were in front of you. Packing up your computer and taking it to a store is no longer needed with today's technology. After our session is over we disconnect our session with nothing left behind so we cannot get back into your computer at a later time.

How long will the session take to fix my computer?

This answer varies depending on your problem. Typical cleanup of junk and improving performance is anywhere from 45 minutes to 80 minutes depending on our connection. Virus removal can be more time consuming and takes anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours on average.

Do I have to sit there the entire time while you fix my box?

No, we only need you to get us started by initiating our remote control software. This usually takes five minutes. Once we start the process you can walk away or watch us work on your computer as if we were in front of it.

Are you going to sell me some kind of magic software that will automatically fix my computer?

In short NO.. If you check the Internet for computer help you will surely see countless websites trying to sell you software that will "speed up your pc" or "clean your registry". Well we have no software to sell you. Many of those software companies are scam artists and are looking to make a quick buck. We do use software to sometimes fix your computer but its all free and we have no intention of charging you for it. Virus Scanning software is the exception to that rule. You should have a reputable Virus Scanning software on your box and those usually cost a few dollars and that is up to you to buy at your discretion. Optionally if you do not want to spend any money on anti-virus software we can install a reputable free version of anti-virus software on your computer.

What if you can't fix my problem?

Then you have nothing to lose. Our expert technicians are some of the best in the industry. Our success rate is exceptional but of course there are some problems that just can't be fixed remotely over the Internet. In rare cases, we have worked on a problem for over two hours with no resolution and in this case we simply admit that we will not be able to help you and recommend some alternatives. No credit card is collected.

How do I know if I can trust you?

I have been in business for 12 years and never had a problem with anyone of my clients. I aim to please. The customer is always right!

Are you local?

We are based in St. Louis and only employ experienced technicians. Our technicians are always in the United States and your call will stay within the continental U.S.

When do you collect my Credit Card information?

We collect your credit card information only upon completion of fixing your computer. We do not collect your credit card information until you are satisfied the work is done properly. We do not store your information on any of our systems so there is no data loss or the possibility of identity theft to consider. We use PayPal to process our credit card payments which offer full merchant services and are well-known in the industry for their exceptional security standards.

What will show up on my Credit Card Statement?

Your credit card is processed like any other transaction and your statement will show the PC HOUSE CALLS name next to your transaction.

Which payment methods do you accept?

All major Credit Cards, checks and cash.

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